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Healthcare Fraud Defense

Healthcare FraudJeyaram & Associates attorneys have extensive experience at the state and federal level defending clients accused of, or under investigation for, a broad range of government and agency inquiries including healthcare fraud.

Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, technician, therapist, hospital, or healthcare provider, our attorneys can help defend you against investigations and inquiries.

Why You Need A Strong Legal Defense Team

While a formal charge by a law enforcement agency may take months – or even years – it’s imperative to immediately secure legal counsel once you’ve been notified that you’re under investigation. Your case will involve significant investigation, document review and analysis of materials in the Government’s possession.

Further, anything you say during an investigation can be used against you; so it’s critical to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure that you do not incriminate yourself. Our attorneys take an aggressive, yet professional approach to handling your case. Every case is unique, so our attorneys customize their services to best address your situation and are committed to getting you the best results.

Legal Defense Services

Jeyaram & Associates’ attorneys have extensive defense experience handling allegations related to:

  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud
  • Improper coding
  • Over billing and false billing
  • Insurance fraud
  • Kickbacks and gratuities
  • Bribes
  • Money laundering
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Civil and criminal misconduct

Aggressive, Proactive and Experienced Defense Attorneys

Attorney Harrison Kohler represented the Department of Community Health (DCH) for nine years in both administrative hearings and negotiations with attorneys for Medicaid providers. Prior to joining DCH, Mr. Kohler served as an Assistant Attorney Gerneral, which included 10 years as a prosecutor in the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. During that time, he had 90 jury trials, including both criminal and civil, in 15 different superior courts and two federal districts in Georgia.

Further, Mr. Kohler has orally argued approximately 50 appellate cases. He successfully argued Georgia v. McCollum, 505 U.S. 42 (1992), in the United States Supreme Court. In 1996 the Supreme Court Historical Society named Georgia v. McCollum as one of the most significant oral arguments heard by the United States Supreme Court between the years 1955 and 1993.

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