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Katie Beckett

DJ Jeyaram is Georgia’s leading Katie Beckett attorney. He has helped more than 100 families successfully overturn Katie Beckett denials.

Been Denied Katie Beckett or NOW/COMP? We’re Here To Help.

Despite most parents’ thorough documentation and hours of paperwork, many applications are denied after their initial submission to the program. At Jeyaram & Associates, we can help you navigate this complex and often frustrating appeals process.

At Jeyaram & Associates, we’re not only legal advisors experienced with the Medicaid Waiver, but we’ve personally been through the application and appeals process.

Katie Beckett and NOW/COMP Waiver Appeal Experience

Our attorneys have an intimate understanding of how the Katie Beckett and NOW/COMP approval process operates through the Department of Community Health (DCH), as well as the Office of State Administrative Hearings (OSAH), the entity that presides over the Katie Beckett and NOW/COMP appeals.

Before joining Jeyaram & Associates, our attorneys worked as DCH Medicaid attorneys and OSAH judge. They have experience with and insight into the Katie Beckett and NOW/COMP Waiver process at DCH and OSAH that other lawyers cannot offer.

We’ve Been Through The Process

Our attorneys have personal experience applying for, initially being denied and then finally approved Waiver services. We’ve been there, and we want to help other parents whose children would also benefit from these programs. We know the application process is frustrating and confusing. Don’t give up. We’re here to help! We’ve also successfully helped dozens of families appeal Katie Beckett and NOW/COMP denials.

Client Katie Beckett & NOW/COMP Testimonials

“Without their help, we would have been denied”

“I am a mom to a special needs child.My child has received Katie Beckett Medicaid since she was 10 months old. She is now 5. This past fall we attempted to renew our KB benefits. We were issued several technical denials and were on our way to receiving our final denial. A final denial would have been disastrous for my child. The benefits my daughter receives through Katie Beckett Medicaid are crucial to her care and well being.

After receiving the second technical denial, I contacted DJ Jeyaram at Jeyaram and Associates. A few days later we met to discuss my daughter’s situation and to try to find a possible solution to the impending denial. DJ and his staff were very knowledgeable about the KB application and renewal process and felt that they could help us win an approval. DJ contacted the Georgia Medical Care Foundation on behalf of my daughter and communicated to them the specific reasons why my daughter did in fact qualify for continued benefits. About two weeks later, we received notification that we were approved for renewal of my child’s KB benefits.

I am so very glad that we hired Jeyaram and Associates. I sincerely feel that without their help, we would have been denied the benefits that my child is entitled to and depends on. I would absolutely recommend their services to anyone that needs help navigating the cumbersome Medicaid system or for any other special needs issue. Thanks DJ!” – K. Guillou (sent via email)


“Smart, helpful, professional, and Understanding” 

My husband and I are so thankful for the time and assistance DJ and his associates have given our family.

We continue to run into issues with the Katie Beckett Deeming Waiver and trying to get it renewed each year for our daughter who is diagnosed with Williams Syndrome. DJ and his associates are extremely familiar with the process and the common obstacles families may encounter when trying to renew the waiver.

DJ understands firsthand the struggles of parenting a child with special needs as he and his wife also parent a child with Williams Syndrome. DJ and his associates are smart, prompt, helpful, professional, and understanding. I highly recommend his practice.” – M. Cloer (Facebook Review)


“Excellent job”

“My husband and I sought out Mr. Jeyaram’s help with our son’s Katie Becket/Deeming Waiver after we were denied continuation of services and our case went to an appeals process. We were asked to present our case to a judge to explain why our son should continue receiving services. We had no idea how to go about this process and exactly why we were being denied services.

Mr. Jeyaram did an excellent job explaining to us the ins and outs of the Waiver and how we should go about presenting our case. After meeting with Mr. Jeyaram, we had a clear understanding of our situation and we knew how to go about presenting our case. In the end we were given continuation of services. We are deeply grateful to Mr. Jeyaram for his clear explanations of the Waiver and for helping us gain a better understanding of how it all works.” – E. Rousch (Facebook Review) 


“Cannot speak highly enough about this firm”

After being denied the NOW/COMP waiver for our son, we turned to Jeyaram and Associates. I can not speak highly enough about this firm. We were treated professionally and kept abreast of the case almost daily. They reviewed our evidence and said we had a case.

About one week prior to having to go to court to testify on our son’s behalf, we got the call. Jonathan and Harrison said we have a settlement! What a relief that was. Being a mother of a son who is 20 years old and has multiple diagnoses, I have lived every day with him and taken him to many therapies, Drs. etc. Well we are now on the Waiting List. I would highly recommend speaking with these fine people and being heard. Remember, if we don’t stand up for our child, no one will.” – A. Land (Facebook Review)

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