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Former Jeyaram & Associates’ Interns Shine

Best Atlanta Attorney Lawyers Jeyaram Associates Healthcare Special Needs Trusts Guardianship Will Estate PlanningArnall Golden & Gregory, a large Atlanta firm, recently held a mock trial for its associates to practice and hone their skills (a practice by many large law firms and law schools), and the team that won the largest verdict was named “Team Jeyaram!”

After a long day of trial on a recent Saturday, the team consisting of two former Jeyaram & Associates interns Michael Bargar & Madison Pool won the largest verdict – 5x any other award for the day!

My former interns and current friends wrote, “We thought that you would get a kick out of our success given our former roles with your firm!”

We know it was the skills of Michael and Madison that won the day, but maybe, just maybe, their team name helped just a little!

Thanks for sharing this fun story Michael and Madison! We are very proud of you both!