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Five Ways To Protect What You Love Most

Estate Planning1) Start Planning Now

The earlier you begin planning and establishing an estate plan, the sooner you begin protecting your loved ones, your assets, and your future. Putting into place a legal plan allows you to specify your desires for the type of medical care you would like to receive should you become incapacitated, who should oversee your financial and personal matters if you become ill and when you pass, and how your assets should be allocated when you pass.

It’s important to start thinking about how you want to secure your legacy and distribute your assets – whether it’s to family, friends, charities, your place of worship or community – it’s important that your wishes are documented in a legal plan

2) Carefully Choose Your Caregivers

This is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions to make. It’s important to choose caregivers you trust and who will respect your wishes – whether its medical decisions or financial matters. While you can choose the same person to oversee your medical and financial matters, asking someone to be your healthcare agent and to exercise your power of attorney could put them in a difficult position with your family. We recommend choosing someone to oversee your medical decisions (called a health care agent) and choosing someone different to manage your finances to help avoid potential conflict.

3) Talk To Your Family

It’s important for your family to understand your wishes. These conversations may be uncomfortable; but they are necessary to ensure that everyone knows what to do if you become ill or when you pass. Your family should understand what you want if you were to become incapacitated, how you want your assets distributed and who you have designated as your healthcare and financial caregivers.

Conversations with your family now will help avoid potential conflicts which could result in wasted time and money or strained relationships.

4) Create An Experienced Team

Putting together an experienced, multi-disciplinary team that includes a financial advisor, your primary care physician, specialists, care coordinators, and an estate planning attorney will help ensure that your assets are secure and that your wishes are best met now and in the future.

If you need recommendations in building your team, we have long standing relationships with several trusted professionals who can help.

5) Update Your Legal Plan

As our lives change, our legal plans need to change as well. Life events such as marriage, divorce, remarriage, a new heir, death of someone named in the will, or a substantial increase or decrease in net worth, as well as changes in tax laws can impact your estate plan.

We encourage you to update your legal plan at least every five years – or sooner if you experience a significant life change. Keeping your plan up to date with the help of an estate attorney ensures that your estate plan remains legally valid and that your wishes will be fulfilled as you intended.

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