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New School Year – New IEP: Steps for a Successful Start

IEP AdvocateSchool is about to start and your child’s IEP should already be in place for this upcoming school year. Following are some steps you can take to ensure the school year gets off to a great start for you and your child:

1. Review the IEP again. Does it need tweaking after seeing your child’s development and learning over the summer? Although, the IEP is reviewed once a year, you can, at any time, request a team meeting to discuss concerns, updates, and possible alterations to goals and services that may now be appropriate. Make your request in writing.

2. Talk with your child’s new teachers. During the first two weeks of school, ask for a conference to sit down and educate the new teacher about your child, who they are, how they shine, what frustrates them and what motivates them. Share your child’s story with his or her teacher. Don’t rely on the IEP to do this for you.

3. Update the school as to any changes in medications.

4. Pay close attention to the work coming home with your during the first month of school. Does your child seem to be making progress? Is he or she falling behind in any areas? Is the IEP being followed? Check in with his or her teacher.

5. Buy a big folder that can hold your child’s class work that is brought home throughout the year. Having examples of specific areas of your child’s strengths and weaknesses will make explaining them to the IEP team easier for you and will also allow you to more readily monitor progress.

6. Always remember:

  • You are your child’s voice and advocate
  • Make all requests in writing and keep records of all communications with the school
  • You, as a parent, have the right to attend all IEP meetings. Doug C. v. State of Hawaii Department of Education, No. 12-15079, (9th Cir. June 13, 2013)

If you need assistance in advocating for your child’s educational rights, Jeyaram & Associates can help. Our attorneys have first hand experience with the IEP process and advocating for children’s educational rights. Contact: Kimberly Sheridan at  or 678-708-4700.

Happy New Year!

newyearJeyaram & Associates wishes everyone a Happy New Year! We look forward to a fantastic 2014 and keeping you up to date with the latest legal healthcare news.

Jeyaram & Associates’ DCH Reprocessing and Recoupment Meeting Deadline TODAY

As a service to the provider community, we are holding an open meeting at our firm and via teleconference to answer any questions providers may have regarding the reprocessing and recoupment, appeal rights, payment plans and other related issues. This meeting is free to enrolled CIS providers.


In-Person Meeting:
Friday, September 27, 2013
Noon – 1:00 pm
Jeyaram & Associates, P.C.
3555 Koger Boulevard
Suite 120
Duluth, GA, 30096
Phone: 678-325-3872

Call-In Number:
Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 432-1500
Host Access Code: 942062*
Participant Access Code: 942062#

Please RSVP  to TODAY and indicate whether you will be attending in-person or by phone.

Free Seminar on DCH Reprocessing and Recoupment – RSVP By September 25, 2013

This week our firm has received several inquiries from CIS providers regarding DCH’s Special Reprocessing and Recoupment effort.  As a service to the provider community we are willing to hold an open meeting at our firm and via teleconference to answer any questions providers may have regarding the reprocessing and recoupment, appeal rights, payment plans and other related issues.  This meeting is free to enrolled CIS providers.

I understand that DCH is allowing re-billing of the claims under Part I Manual.  That is good news but before doing that, providers should be aware that if the re-billed claims are denied then any appeal will have to be of the new basis for denial and not the recoupment.  Providers may be waiving legal arguments to the recoupment if they re-bill.  I am not advising either way.  I just think the providers should be fully informed.

Please note that the clock has started running on any appeal or re-billing rights providers may have.

Meeting details are below:

In-Person Meeting:       

Friday, September 27, 2013

Noon – 1:00 pm

Jeyaram & Associates, P.C.

3555 Koger Boulevard

Suite 120

Duluth, GA, 30096

Phone:  678-325-3872


Call-In Number

Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 432-1500
Host Access Code: 942062*
Participant Access Code: 942062#

Please RSVP by September 25 to and indicate whether you will be attending in-person or by phone.

CIS Claims Reprocessing – UPDATE 9/18/13

It appears that DCH will accept re-submitted claims for any claims denied during the special NCCI reprocessing.  Providers have been told to refer to DCH’s Part I Policies and Procedures Manual for details on re-billing following a mass claims reprocessing.
Part I, Section 204 (c) allows claims to be resubmitted if denied for erroneous or missing information within 3 months of the denial. Denied claims must be resubmitted with corrected information on a new claim form or be resubmitted on the third party administrator’s website at When resubmitting a denied claim on paper more than six (6) months after the month of service, it is necessary to attach a copy of the Remittance Advice with the denial to demonstrate that the original claim had been timely submitted.
If you’ve received notice that your practice is subject to the reprocessing recoupment and need help or if you need to appeal DCH’s decisions, Jeyaram & Associates can help. Contact DJ Jeyaram at or 678.325.3872.


Jeyaram & Associates Adds New Associate

Jeyaram & AssociatesPlease help us welcome the newest Jeyaram & Associate team member- Emmy Rose Naidu Jeyaram born 8/29/2013 – 8.2 lbs and 20.5 inches – to Principal DJ Jeyaram.  CONGRATS!

Jeyaram & Associates Relaunches Web Site

Jeyaram & Associates Web SiteWe’re excited to announce the relaunch of our Web site. Tell us what you think!


News Alert: New Rule for Medicaid Referrals

physicianAccording to Georgia’s Department of Community Health’s lastest newsletter: Any physician or eligible practitioner who orders, prescribes, or refers Medicaid members to Fee-for-Service (FFS) providers or for Medicaid-covered services must soon be enrolled as a Medicaid Ordering, Prescribing and Referring (OPR) provider, according to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), even if they do not submit claims to Medicaid for their services.

The Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) has begun alerting physicians and providers of this new rule and will begin accepting applications for these OPR providers as of April 1, 2013.

Read the full article and requirements here.

Healthcare Professionals, Social Media and Patient Privacy

Social Media and Healthcare ProfessionalsAccording to, an OBGYN at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center in St. Louis, Mo., posted a rant on Facebook about one of her patients who was continually late for her scheduled appointments. The OBGYN’s comment was publicly visible on her page, so even non-friends could read the post. It read:

“So I have a patient who has chosen to either no-show or be late (sometimes hours) for all of her prenatal visits, ultrasounds and NSTs. She is now 3 hours late for her induction. May I show up late to her delivery?”

Angry comments soon flooded the hospital’s Facebook page demanding that the doctor be fired. St. John’s Mercy Medical Center conducted a review of the incident and said although the doctor’s post did not align with the hospital’s values and was unprofessional, it did not violate any privacy laws.  It issued the following statement:

“Mercy values the dignity and privacy of all our patients and we are very sorry that this incident occurred. While our privacy compliance staff has confirmed that this physician’s comments did not represent a breach of privacy laws, they were inappropriate and not in line with our values of respect and dignity. Mercy holds its physicians and other co-workers to high standards in ensuring the protection of patient information. We cannot comment on specific disciplinary actions, but we will use this as an opportunity to reinforce our standards through additional education of our physicians and co-workers, including appropriate use of social media.”

Healthcare professionals should always exercise extreme caution when posting to social media sites about patients. If patients or others can identify a patient based on the information posted, the individual could be in violation of privacy laws and face significant fines.

Jeyaram & Associates Supports United Cerebral Palsy of Georgia

UCPCongratulations to the United Cerebral Palsy of Georgia for a successful “Share the Love” fashion show this past weekend at the Emory Conference Center. The entire Jeyaram & Associates firm and their spouses attended the event and even picked up a few items at the silent auction.

UCP supports the people we serve to achieve better lives, helping them maximize their potential, encouraging them to explore their aspirations and dreams, and providing ongoing support as they continue a lifelong journey of development and growth.