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Creating A Special Needs Trust Is Easier Than You Think

Special Needs Trust, Attorney, Georgia, Atlanta, Duluth, Jeyaram & AssociatesWe all know putting into place a will and special needs trust is extremely important to help protect our special needs child now and in the future.

But with all the doctors appointments, therapies, calls to the insurance company and specialists, school work and not to mention laundry, bath time and meal preparation, finding the time to put into place a will and special needs trust seems impossible.

On most days, we’re lucky if we get to drink our cup of coffee while it’s still lukewarm. (I know I gave up the hope of drinking hot coffee a long time ago!)

No, Really. It’s Easier Than You Think

However putting into place a special needs trust really is easier than you think, and the process simply starts with a phone call or an email. Seriously. A phone call or email. That’s it.

When you call us, we’ll get your name and email address and then you’ll receive a questionnaire to complete. Don’t worry – it’s not like applying for a home loan or taking the SAT. And the good news is, you’ll already know most – if not all – of the answers.

Seriously, we ask things like your name, address, your child’s name and disability, a list of your assets, and whom you’d like to take care of your child if something were to happen to you.

No Right Or Wrong Answers

Most of these are answers we can recite in our sleep. No prep needed and there are no right or wrong answers. Further, don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers or if you have questions (like whom you should name as your child’s guardian). We’re here to help you, and we will guide you through the process to ensure that the special needs trust best meets your family’s needs.

Once you complete the form, I’ll review it and follow up with you if I have any questions. And then, a draft of your will and the special needs trust is created and sent to you to review.

We’re Here To Help You

We know you’re busy and adding one more thing to your “to-do” list seems daunting. But setting up a special needs trust is an important legal document to help protect your family and child with special needs. My email address is or you can call me at 678.325.3872. And when you come to the office to sign your will and special needs trust, I’ll have a hot cup of coffee waiting for you. 🙂

Former Jeyaram & Associates’ Interns Shine

Best Atlanta Attorney Lawyers Jeyaram Associates Healthcare Special Needs Trusts Guardianship Will Estate PlanningArnall Golden & Gregory, a large Atlanta firm, recently held a mock trial for its associates to practice and hone their skills (a practice by many large law firms and law schools), and the team that won the largest verdict was named “Team Jeyaram!”

After a long day of trial on a recent Saturday, the team consisting of two former Jeyaram & Associates interns Michael Bargar & Madison Pool won the largest verdict – 5x any other award for the day!

My former interns and current friends wrote, “We thought that you would get a kick out of our success given our former roles with your firm!”

We know it was the skills of Michael and Madison that won the day, but maybe, just maybe, their team name helped just a little!

Thanks for sharing this fun story Michael and Madison! We are very proud of you both!